Consulting Assignments

Recent and Ongoing Assignments

Review and Perspective Planning of the Rural Management Programme of Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar
[Ongoing work]

Design and approach for Financial Inclusion module of the National Rural Livelihoods Mission:

The assignment involved designing the financial inclusion module, strategizing on the role of commercial banks and setting up pilots for commercial roll out of the partnership between the Mission and Banks.

Enhancing Financial Services Access to SHG Women:

Institutional and Policy Options [With CS Reddy of APMAS]
The study was undertaken for Society of Elimination of Rural Poverty, Government of Andhra Pradesh to examine the possibility to setting up an apex financial institution for funding of self-help groups.


Improving Programme Effectiveness: A Case Study fo Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Financing and Development Project

Client: World Bank The Study was undertaken for the World Bank for internal learning purposes and examined the logic of design and roll out of the project in order to understand the larger principles involved in designing larger projects at the National level.

Design of Access to Finance Module of the Poorest States Inclusive Growth [PSIG] Programme

Client: Consortium led by SIDBI
The assignment involved designing A2F and Policy intervention modules of the PSIG programme to be funded by the DFID, Government of UK.

Assignments taken up at IIMA

Impact Study of Self-Help Groups associated with Kalanjiam Movement, Tamilnadu/Karnataka

Client: Sir Ratan Tata Trust/Kalanjiam Development Financial Services
The study which was done for SRTT/KDFS looked at the developmental impacts of self-help groups promoted by the Dhan collective in Tamilnadu and Karnataka.

Impact Study of Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association

Client: Dastkar Andhra Marketing Association
DAMA has been working with handloom weavers for a while. The study looked at the organisations effectiveness of their intervention in the marketing function of weavers' co-operatives.

Sakh se Vikas - The Rajasthan Microfinance Initiative: Review of PEDO's Microfinance Programme 

Client: Sir Ratan Tata Trust
The study looked at the state of microfinance in the Mewad region of Rajasthan and reviewed the propsects for increasing the outreach of the programme through institutions like Peoples' Education and Development Organisation

Transaction Costs of Micro Financial Services to the Poor: A Comparative Analysis of Different Models 

Client: ICICI Bank
The title of the study is self-explanatory. ICICI Bank has different models of delivery of microfinancial services and the MFIs it deals with also have varied models of delivery of microfinancial services. The study was to look at the entire channel.

Indian Bank's Prospects and Assessment of Rural Credit 

Client: Indian Bank
The study involved a survey of respondents in the service area of rural branches of Indian Bank in order to advise them on a strategy to increase their market share in the rural areas and design innovative products to reach out to more customers. 

Growth and Equity (Design of strategy and organizational structure for the proposed microcredit initiative) 

Client: GMR Varalakshmi Foundation
GMR Varalakshmi Foundation has been set up by a large industrial house having interests in banking, construction and education. The project was undertaken for their non-profit wing to see prospects of their intervention in geographies that they currently work.

Financing Livelihoods: Providing Superior Access to Financial Services (Design of Community owned Financial Institutions for Velugu Project).

Client: Government of Andhra Pradesh
The study reviewed the market for setting up an community owned financial institution, which could provide financial services in addition to the banking system to augment the access to financial services for the poor. Based on the need, the study also suggested the design of such an organisation. 

Mid-Term Review of National Microfinance Support Programme of DFID – Implemented by SIDBI Foundation for Micro-credit 

Client: Department for International Development, Govt. of UK 
The study looked at the implementation of the microfinance support programme and how SIDBI had impacted the microfinance environment in the country. 

Mid-Term Review of Velugu Project 

Client: World Bank and Government of Andhra Pradesh
The study looked at the implementation of one of the largest poverty allievation projects at the State level. The terms included looking at systems, organisational structures and delivery effectiveness. 

Review of Experiences in Computerising Agricultural Co-operatives in Asia: Problems Encountered and Lessons Learned

Voice Over Presentation of the Report
Client: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
The report contains two case studies from Gujarat – It looks at one co-operative in a federated structure and another as a stand-alone integrated co-operative. It draws inferences on the process of automation in these co-ops and draws implications for the approaches to computerisation.
A Manual on Computerisation prepared out of this project is available for download:
Computerizing Agricultural Co-operatives: A Practical Guide

Better Practices For Term Lending to Agriculture: Case Studies from India

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
The study involved looking at innovative experiments in term lending for agriculture. The study looked at the present state of art in term lending and drew crosscutting conclusions on the most significant concerns in term credit – looking at aspects of practical replicability. The full report is available for download: 
Vol I Main Report
Vol II Case Studies

Assignments taken up as Independent Consultant

Design of Accounting Systems for Thrift Co-operatives

Client: Co-operative Development Foundation, Hyderabad
The assignment involved re-design of accounting systems for Thrift Co-operatives around Warangal and Karimnagar districts.  The co-operatives have been promoted by Co-operative Development Foundation and are in a phase where they are resorting to diversification of financial products and services.

Case Study on Business Development Services for Small Scale Enterprises

Client: Department for International Development, Government of UK
The study looks at the business development services that the urban based small enterprises seek and profiles the service providers in and around the city of Hyderabad.

Assignments taken up at IRMA

Strategies for Mobilisation of Funds for the Municipal Borough Hospital, Vallabh Vidyanagar.

The assignment was done at the request of the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital. It was to ensure that the hospital would generate sufficient resources to run as an independent profit centre. The inputs given in the project were implemented and the Hospital has been generating surpluses for 7 years in a row from 1994.

Study of Successful Capital Formation Strategies for Co-operatives in Developing Countries. 

Client: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations 
The assignment was done at the request of Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. We developed a research methodology and research manual to be used in the larger country studies in India, Kenya and Guatemala. Pre-test on a small sample was done in India.

Successful Capital Formation Strategies for Agricultural Co-operatives in India.

Client: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
This was a follow-up of the Research Manual. The study looked at the Indian co-operatives in detail. It examined the linkage between capital and control, documented innovative capital formation strategies, and modelled a causal path to determine the relation between capital, usage, satisfaction and control.

Capital Formation Strategies in District Level Dairy Co-operative Unions 

Client: National Dairy Development Board, Anand 
The study examined the Capital Formation processes in four large co-operatives in Gujarat Kheda(Amul), Vadodara(Sugam), Mehsana(Sagar) and Valsad(Vasudhara).

Competition, Financial Viability and Long Term Sustainability of Chittoor Dairy

Client: National Dairy Development Board, Anand 
The study looked into the sustainability of co-operative dairy units in the face of competition from private sector in a liberalised economy. This was one of the specific case studies commissioned by the National Dairy Development Board to look at the implications of the policy of economic liberalisation on the rural co-operatives

Individual Rating Model for the Borrowers of GRUH Finance Limited

Client: GRUH Finance Limited, Ahmedabad
The model indicates significant differences between the defaulters and non-defaulters and the results of the study will help in better credit assessment and reduce default. It had several implications at the methodology of assessments undertaken in companies working for the not-so well-off.

Study of the Status of Womens' Co-operatives in Gujarat

Client: Self-Employed Women's Association, Ahmedabad 
The study looked into the status of women's co-operatives and the reasons for success and failure.

Case Study of the National Egg Co-ordination Committee (NECC)

Client: National Egg Co-ordination Committee
The study sponsored by NECC and examined the layer segment of the poultry sector.

Assignments taken up as a doctoral student with IIM-B

Feasibility Study of the Co-operative Sector: An approach paper for HIVOS. (February 1992)
Client: Humanistic Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries (HIVOS)
This paper was commissioned by the HIVOS India office to give an insight into the co-operative policy and law in the country and how a developmental institution like HIVOS could proactively work with co-operatives.