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Book Chapters

  •  Too Big to Fail versus Too Small to be Counted (2012) With Vaibhav Chaturvedi and Annapurna Neti]: Published in Financial Sector Regulation for Growth, Equity and Stability. BIS Papers No 62. Geneva: Bank for International Settlements.



  • Credit to Small and Marginal Farmers in India (2008)(With Samar Datta)
    Published in Deshpande RS (Ed): Glimpses of Indian Agriculture: Macro and Micro Aspects. New Delhi: Academic Foundation.

  • ICICI Bank, India (2004) (With Tara Nair and Vishwanath Prasad)
    Published in Harper, Malcolm and Arora Sukhwinder Singh (Ed): Small Cutomer, Big Market: Commercial Banks in Microfinance. London: Intermediate Technology Development Group Publishing.


  • Business development service for small enterprises: A Case study of Hyderabad (With Phansalkar, SJ) (January 2001)
  • Published in Levitsky, Jacob (Ed) Small Business Services in Asian Countries: Market Development and Performance Measurement. London: Intermediate Technology Development Group Publishing


  • Strategies for Financial Co-operatives in the New Millenium (2000) in Reddy, Prathap. K and Singh, Katar (Ed): Designing and Managing Rural Development Organisations. Delhi: Oxford and IBH Publishing Co. (The paper was presented at the National Symposium on "Building and Managing Organisations for Rural Development in the New Millennium", held at IRMA in December 1999.
  • Agricultural Commodity Co-operatives in India (February, 1992) Published in Fernandes, Reena (Ed.): Proceedings of the Conference on Future of Co-operatives in India. Technical Report Series 1.3, Bangalore: HIVOS Regional Office. (The paper was earlier presented in the conference held in January 1993.
  • Capital Formation Strategies of District Level Dairy Co-operative Unions in Gujarat  (With K Prathap Reddy and Rajesh Agrawal)  Published in Rajagopalan, R (Ed.): Rediscovering Co-operation Vol-II.  Anand: Institute of Rural Management. (The paper was presented in the National Seminar on Rediscovering Co-operation held in November 1996).
  •   Feasibility Study of the Co-operative Sector: An approach paper for HIVOS (February 1992) Published in: Fernandes, Reena (Ed.): Proceedings of the Conference on Future of Co-operatives in India. Technical Report Series 1.3, Bangalore: HIVOS Regional Office.

Papers in Journals

  • Round Table on Microfinance (consisting of and Introduction and a Discussion) (With R Srinivasan) IIMB Management Review Vol.15, No.2, June 2003. Bangalore: Indian Institute of Management.
  • Member Funds and Co-operative Performance (With Rajesh Agrawal, KV Raju, K Prathap Reddy and R Srinivasan) Journal of Rural Development, Vol.22, No.1, Jan-March 2003. Hyderabad: National Institute of Rural Development.
  • Sickness in Agrico-ops Sahakarita Sanshodhan Vol.VI, No.2, July-December 1992. (The paper was earlier presented at the Eleventh National Convention on Studies in Co-operation held in 1990)


Papers Presented in Conferences/Symposia

  • Business Planning Practices in Agricultural Co-operatives: Theme Paper. Presented for the Workshop of the same title at the Symposium on Management of Rural Co-operatives, IRMA, Anand.
  • Indicators of Performance in Co-ops: A Review of Methodological Issues and Empirical Results (With TP Gopalaswamy). Paper for Workshop on Accounting, Financial Planning & Control, Symposium on Management of Rural Co-operatives, IRMA, Anand.
  • Too Big to Fail Versus Too Small to be Counted: Implications of Equity for Regulation of the Financial Sector in a Post Crisis World. [With Vaibhav Chaturvedi and Annapurna Neti] Paper for The International Conference on regulation for growth equity and stability, November 15-16, 2011, Organized by Centre for Advanced Financial Research and Learning, Mumbai.
  • Capital Formation and Agricultural Growth: The Need for Strategic Approach and Policy Re-Focus. Paper presented at the National Seminar on Risk Management in Agriculture, College of Agricultural Banking, Reserve Bank of India, Pune: June 26-27, 2008.
  • Business Development Services for Small Scale Enterprises in India: A Case Study of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. (With SJ Phansalkar) Paper presented at the BDS Conference, April 4-7, 2000, Hanoi, Vietnam.

Working Papers


Task Force/Committee Reports